Tying The Knot

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Pre-marriage counseling is something that every Christian couple should seek as they approach their big day. In fact, it is often a requirement of the pastor marrying the couple that they go through some sort of counseling. Finances, communication, family relations, and other topics are often discussed in these


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“What would you say the message of Christianity is?” It’s a question that you may have never been asked. And it’s a question that, if you’re honest, you may not be ready to answer. In the day and age we live in, where religious plurality and inclusivity abounds, we as


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Marty Machowski’s new book, Wise Up: 10-Minute Family Devotions in Proverbs is an excellent new resource for parents to use in leading their family devotional times. If you would like to read my review of this great new book, CLICK HERE Thanks to New Growth Press, we have 2 copies to

Wise Up

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Proverbs is one of the most popular books in the Bible, probably right there with the book of Psalms. Who doesn’t want to be wise, right? Wise people know what to say, when to say it, and when to say nothing. They know what it means to be honest, kind,

John: Jesus Christ Is God

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Every serious student of the Bible loves a good commentary. No matter how many years you’ve been a Christian, how many times you’ve read through the Bible, how many Sunday School classes you’ve attended or taught, there are still numerous passages that we all need help understanding. That’s where

The Experience That Counts

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Jonathan Edwards’ Religious Affections has long been on the must-read list for many Christian theologians and preachers. Edwards is considered by most to be the greatest theologian that America has produced, and one of his most popular books — Religious Affections — is considered by many to be one of his finest works and

Gospel Eldership

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Eldership in the local church is an important calling and office. Many great books exist on why plural elder leadership is the biblical model, or what the elder is called to be and called to do. However, the resources are nowhere near as abundantly available for raising up, training,

Don’t Fire Your Church Members

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Jonathan Leeman’s new book, Don’t Fire Your Church Members, very well may be my favorite title for a book that I’ve read this year. I was instantly intrigued to read what he was going to say, and what the book was about. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. About

Who Is Theodore Beza?

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“Theodore Beza was not John Calvin’s clone. But neither was he Calvin’s arch-nemesis. Rather, living in different times than Calvin, Beza stressed the same big view of the sovereign God of the Bible as the only hope for troubled Christians. God’s complete sovereignty over all aspects of a Christian’s

Using and Enjoying Biblical Greek

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Every biblical student going through an undergraduate biblical studies program, and especially a master of divinity program, is familiar with the rigorous demands of taking Biblical Greek. The class terrifies many, excites some, and must be “gotten through” for the majority in order to satisfy their required classes. Though