Jimmy Fallon, Adele, & The Roots sing “Hello”

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This is great! For your “Hump-Day Humor” this week, I thought I’d share this great video with you of Jimmy Fallon, Adele, & The Roots singing “Hello” with classroom instruments. It’s funny in one sense, as is pretty much anything Fallon does. Jimmy Fallon, Adele, and the Roots do

Tyler Perry Speaking In Tongues, Blesses TD Jakes

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Someone shared this video with me from T.D. Jakes’ “church,” The Potter’s House, a couple of days ago to highlight the unbiblical nature of extreme Charismatic Theology. In the video, we see Tyler Perry speaking in tongues, supposedly receiving a word from God, sharing that with the congregation (mixed with

How Much Time Do You Spend On Your Cellphone?

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Cellphone usage — Now that’s a convicting topic for many of us, isn’t it? How much time do you spend on your cellphone? Always by our side, picked up hundreds of times a day, hours spent surfing the web, scrolling through Facebook, or playing the next Angry Birds level

Is “God and Country” Enough?

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In his new book on how the Christian is called to engage the culture without losing the Gospel, Russell Moore, President of the SBC’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, gives a very insightful and poignant thought about the supposed “Christian Bible-Belt” and the myth that America is (or ever

God’s Fatherhood and Our Fatherhood

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We all know that God is called “Father” all throughout the Bible. He is Father in a general sense — that is, the Triune Godhead is presented as “Father” — and He is Father in a specific sense — the 1st person of the Trinity is the “Father” of

When Should the Preacher Address Cultural Concerns?

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While at ETS today, I was able to attend a lecture by Jason Allen, President of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, titled, “Speak where the Bible speaks? How expository preaching should intersect with pressing cultural concerns.”  As someone thoroughly committed to expository, verse-by-verse preaching — as are both Dr. Allen

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses: Keeping Your Busyness in Perspective

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Nowadays we’re all busy, aren’t we? What does your busyness keep you from doing? What do you wish you had more time for? How about family worship? Father. Husband. Are you leading your family in regular, intentional times of family worship — times of reading, praying, and even singing

Marriage & Family at ETS This Week

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This week I’ll be at ETS in Atlanta. What is ETS, you may ask? It stands for the Evangelical Theological Society and is a group of Evangelical scholars devoted to the inerrancy of Scripture and engaged in theological research in writing. From their website, it is a group described

The Gospel-Centered Parent

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We all want to be better parents, don’t we? We try this or that technique, search for the latest strategies, or try to emulate that perfect family — all to what end? Oftentimes we end up walking away with more frustration, disappointment, or feeling like a failure. Why is

A Quiz on the Doctrine of Scripture

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Over the past few weeks I’ve shared a few quizzes with you created by Tim Challies, author of the popular Christian blog Challies.com, on a variety of topics — the Trinity, the Person of Christ, and Joel Osteen vs Fortune Cookie. Well here’s another one, this time on the doctrine of