Who Is Theodore Beza?

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“Theodore Beza was not John Calvin’s clone. But neither was he Calvin’s arch-nemesis. Rather, living in different times than Calvin, Beza stressed the same big view of the sovereign God of the Bible as the only hope for troubled Christians. God’s complete sovereignty over all aspects of a Christian’s

Using and Enjoying Biblical Greek

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Every biblical student going through an undergraduate biblical studies program, and especially a master of divinity program, is familiar with the rigorous demands of taking Biblical Greek. The class terrifies many, excites some, and must be “gotten through” for the majority in order to satisfy their required classes. Though

God’s Glory Alone

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We are quickly approaching the 500-year anniversary of the event that people often date the Reformation back to — Martin Luther’s nailing of his 95 thesis to the doors of Wittenberg. As we approach this anniversary, there are certain to be many books and articles written on the importance

2016 Reading Challenge Update — MAY

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It’s been a great year of reading so far in 2016. As you may remember, I shared back in December that I would be accepting Tim Challies’ 2016 reading challenge for this year. Well, we’re now finished with the first 5 months, and here’s how it’s going … I decided to

Why We Don’t Do Altar Calls

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Just mention the idea of not doing traditional altar calls and you’re bound to get very strong, opinionated responses very quickly. On the one hand, you have those who are adamant that every sermon should end with an invitation to walk the aisle, raise the hand, or stand if

The Songs of Jesus

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The book of Psalms is one of the most beloved sections in all of Scripture for many people. Though we absolutely affirm that ALL of Scripture is inerrant, breathed out by God, and profitable for teaching, reproof, and correction, there are some sections of Scripture that we naturally gravitate to.

We Cannot Be Silent

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How did we get here? There is a revolution happening right before our eyes, the likes of which perhaps no generation before our’s has witnessed. This sexual revolution, with all of its components, has taken over with blazing speed, insisting that we either join or get out of the

Why Bother With Church?

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Why Bother with Church? Have you every asked this question? Honestly? Why bother with the church? Why is it important? Can’t I just do this whole Christian thing on my own? Perhaps you haven’t, and if so, amen! Or perhaps you’re among the rest of the majority who has

Portraits of Faith

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Reviewed by Jim Anderson When given the opportunity to review the book, Portraits Of Faith: What Five Biblical Characters Teach Us about Our Life with God by Joel Beeke, of course I said “Yes!” I believed that, true to Dr. Beeke’s character and my past experiences with him, this book

Counseling One Another

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Perhaps you’re aware, or perhaps you’re not, but there is a battle going on within our churches, our seminaries, indeed, within all of Christianity right now — a battle concerning the sufficiency of Scripture, particularly related to the acceptance or rejection of man-centered wisdom known as Psychology. John MacArthur