My Favorite Children’s Story Bible

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If you have small children, it is likely that you have either bought or been given a children’s Bible or two. On one extreme, some of these children’s Bibles are nothing other than the same text as our adult Bibles, just with a child-friendly cover. On the other extreme, some

What Do You Think About Multisite Churches?

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What do you think about multisite churches? Odds are that you’ve at least thought about this question and formulated somewhat of an opinion. In the current Evangelical landscape that we are in today, multisite churches have only continued to gain traction over the past decade. It’s almost impossible to avoid


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Truth matters. There is no question about that. But oftentimes, how that truth is communicated makes a world of difference. We may have something that we need to say — whether by way of confronting, teaching, rebuking, encouraging, directing — but our words will fall on deaf ears if we

Should Christians Take Antidepressants?

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How should Christians think about mental heath issues like depression, ADHD, PTSD, or Schizophrenia? Are these terms and labels from the secular psychiatric world that we should use? What about the medication that is prescribed for such issues? Should Christians take antidepressants? All of these are hot-button questions and

Classic Christian Books I Haven’t Read

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I have read a lot of books. In fact, I have made a goal of reading 52 books per year for the past two years, and have succeeded at that goal. I read many new books in the areas of theology, Christian living, pastoral theology, etc in order to

Do You Want Help Understanding 1-2 Timothy or Titus?

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Good commentaries are a wonderful thing — a great treasure indeed. Whether you need help understanding an obscure historical reference or a hotly debated verse or passage, good commentaries help steer us in the right direction in accurately understanding and applying God’s Word. No matter what book or passage you

What Does the Bible Say about Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage?

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Marriage is important to God. His Word (the Bible) begins with a marriage (Genesis 2:18-25) and ends with a marriage (Revelation 19:7-9). And in the middle of these bookends, the Bible is filled with practical and theological significance and instructions concerning marriage. But we, as sinful humans, have made a

Know Why You Believe

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Why do you believe what you believe? This is a question that all Christians must grapple with at some point in their life. Whether you are a teenager posing questions as you “come of age,” a college student being challenged with a secular worldview for the first time, or an adult

Am I Dating The Wrong Guy?

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If you’re a woman, dating is tough. There’s no other way to say it — Dating is hard work. The awkwardness of being asked out. The forced conversation on the first date. The agony of waiting to be called back because the guy is trying to figure out how

Irenaeus — Christian Biographies for Young Readers

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Irenaeus is a name that, unfortunately, few Christians know. And for those who have at least heard the name in passing, even fewer know anything substantial about who he was or why he’s important for Christian history. A New Book Thankfully, Simonetta Carr has written a new book to