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Martin Luther is a household name for many Christian families, especially those of the Protestant or Reformed tradition. However, some know little more about Luther than that he was in some way responsible for the Reformation, that he nailed some things to some door, or that he stood up for what he believed in at some sort of Worm diet.

If that’s you, I hope that this coming year you will allow yourself to learn more about this hero of the Christian faith, especially seeing that 2017 is the 500th-year anniversary of the monumental moment with Luther nailed his 95 theses to those Wittenberg doors.

A New Book

To help you get started with that endeavor, and particularly to help children learn more about this man, Simonetta Carr has added a new volume in her series “Christian Biographies for Young Readers” on Martin Luther.

Carr’s young-reader biographies have become a favorite for me over the past few years, so much so that I’m trying to collect all of them to one day read to my son. I have had the opportunity to review her excellent volumes on Jonathan Edwards and John Knox as well, which you read by clicking the link.

The Audience

As with those volumes, this new book on the life of Martin Luther is excellent. It is concise, engaging, beautifully illustrated, accurate, and a joy to read. Covering the life of Luther in just 50 pages, Carr gives the reader a great introduction to the man, his mission, and his legacy. You will not find everything you would want or need to know about Luther in this book like you would in a full 400-page biography, but that is not its purpose. The book is aimed at young readers, helping them get an introduction to the life and ministry of Martin Luther and whet their appetite to learn more about the man and his legacy.

While it is directed toward young readers, those are not the only ones who will benefit from this book. Young and old alike will profit from and enjoy reading this book, whether you know absolutely nothing about Luther and this is your first introduction, or whether this is the tenth book you’ve read on the man and it simply serves as a reminder in a beautifully illustrated way for you to teach your children or others about him.

I would encourage you to get yourself a copy of this book, as well as the other 10 volumes in the series. You won’t be disappointed.

In accordance with FTC regulations, I would like to thank Reformation Heritage Books and Cross Focused Reviews for providing me with a review copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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