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What Is My Identity In Christ?

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What is my identity in Christ? This is a common question than many teenagers — especially teenage girls— are wrestling through. Whether it’s insecurity brought on by social media, jealousy because of what all the other girls at school are wearing, or the feeling of not being good enough, pretty

GIVEAWAY — The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life

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One thing that I love to be able to do is give great books away. And maybe you love to get free books. If so, today may be your lucky day! Thanks to New Growth Press, I have two copies of Jeremy Pierre’s The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life to give away. All you

The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life

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One of the great temptations in life is to swing the pendulum too far to one side or the other. This can happen in all manners of life, and even in ministry — from theological issues like hyper-Calvinism to practical debates between approaches to preaching, use of application, etc.

Good and Angry

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Anger. Bitterness. Complaining. Irritation. These are issues that every single person has dealt with and likely continues to deal with. Sometimes we legitimately get angry about things that are wrong. But far too often we get angry at the silly, petty, and trivial things in life. And in both

Tying The Knot

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Pre-marriage counseling is something that every Christian couple should seek as they approach their big day. In fact, it is often a requirement of the pastor marrying the couple that they go through some sort of counseling. Finances, communication, family relations, and other topics are often discussed in these

Counseling One Another

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Perhaps you’re aware, or perhaps you’re not, but there is a battle going on within our churches, our seminaries, indeed, within all of Christianity right now — a battle concerning the sufficiency of Scripture, particularly related to the acceptance or rejection of man-centered wisdom known as Psychology. John MacArthur

Biblical Counseling and the Church

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Review By: Kevin Hurt Why This Book? As one who has pastored the same church for the past 27 years — with the goal of making God’s sufficient Word applicable to the day-to-day real-life circumstances people find themselves facing — and as a certified Biblical Counselor with the International

Hidden In The Gospel

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Preach the Gospel to yourself! Is that something that you’ve ever been told to do? Maybe you’ve heard a preacher say it, read it in a book somewhere, or heard it on the radio. Maybe you’ve never heard it in your life and you’re not quite sure what it

Marriage Is More Than Sex

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What is the essence of marriage? What should a Christian marriage look like, and how should it differ from a worldly, secular marriage? What are the purposes of marriage? And how do two Christians enter into this covenant relationship with their eyes wide open to the many struggles and


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Help! It’s a word that each of us has used from time to time regarding some sort of hard-to-deal-with situation in our life. How do I deal with this? How do I cope with this loss? What do I do in this situation? I need HELP!! Well, Shepherd Press,