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What Is Sanctification?

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Sanctification is a word that we often throw around in Church and in Christian conversations. But what does it really mean? What is sanctification? In chapter 2 of Holiness on the topic of sanctification, J.C. Ryle defines it as follows: “Sanctification is that inward spiritual work which the Lord Jesus

What Is Reformed Theology?

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I’ve found that I have one universal thing in common with many of my Reformed brothers and sisters — we can almost all point to a specific time and book that “enlightened” us to the Bible’s teaching on the meticulous sovereignty of God in all things, specifically our salvation (otherwise

REVIEW: Gospel Assurance & Warnings

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Paul Washer has long been on of my favorite preachers. As a new Christian in college, Paul Washer’s and John Piper’s preaching were what shaped my theology and saved me from heretical teachers like Rob Bell, whom I began to read immediately after being saved. Because of Washer’s role in

4 Views On The Role of Works At The Final Judgment

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I love Zondervan’s “Counterpoints” series where different views on various topics in theology are discussed among leading theologians in their various fields. I have also been fascinated with the discussions surrounding the New Perspective on Paul — centered around people like N.T. Wright, James Dunn, Tom Schreiner, John Piper,

A Great Reminder By Charles Spurgeon

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As I’ve been re-reading some of Arnold Dallimore’s, Spurgeon: A New Biography, I have to say that this is easily my all-time favorite biography that I have read. This may be because of the excellent writing by Dallimore, or more probably because of my great interest in Charles Spurgeon. Either

Why People Don’t Make Disciples

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“Maybe one of the reasons so many people in the church aren’t making disciples of all nations is because they’re not really disciples in the first place.” This clip from David Platt’s message at the Verge conference is a powerful reminder of what the TRUE Gospel is, and how