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What Is Sanctification?

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Sanctification is a word that we often throw around in Church and in Christian conversations. But what does it really mean? What is sanctification? In chapter 2 of Holiness on the topic of sanctification, J.C. Ryle defines it as follows: “Sanctification is that inward spiritual work which the Lord Jesus

The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life

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One of the great temptations in life is to swing the pendulum too far to one side or the other. This can happen in all manners of life, and even in ministry — from theological issues like hyper-Calvinism to practical debates between approaches to preaching, use of application, etc.

“Sanctification” Book Review

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Reviewed by Jim Anderson. In 1999, Rutherford House Ministries began what is now known as the Edinburg Dogmatics Conference. This yearly conference is dedicated to scholastic study of contemporary issues that face the Church in Scotland as well as the church international. It was during one of these conferences

Recovering Redemption

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Matt Chandler has been one of my favorite “celebrity pastors” to listen to and read for quite a few years now. So when I heard about his new book coming out, I was eager to get my hands on a copy. And what is this new book? Recovering Redemption: A Gospel-Saturated

An Infinite Journey

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“God has set before the Church of Jesus Christ two infinite journeys. These two journeys have one destination, one ultimate goal, and in the end will prove to have been one and the same journey after all.” This is how Andy Davis, pastor of First Baptist Church or Durham,